Submerged Lands Event logoThe International Submerged Lands Management has announced its new conference dates. Unlike most conferences, this one takes place on your computer, so those of us with limited travel budgets can still participate.

You can find a schedule of all the conference’s events on their website (and we’ll add the lot to the StormSmart Coasts Calendar), but we’d like to especially highlight tomorrow’s: a session called “Sea Level Rise and Property Rights.” Here’s the description:

Even assuming conservative predictions, sea level rise will result in significant threats to the resiliency and long-term sustainability of coastal communities. As the seas continue to rise, waterfront areas along the Gulf of Mexico are undergoing tremendous population growth. Thus, escalating seas present alarming potential for causing physical and economic harm to millions of people around the region. Nevertheless, no Gulf states have implementable, meaningful, comprehensive plans, policies, or regulations directly addressing sea level rise. A team of researchers have been analyzing federal and state constitutional and statutory takings jurisprudence and theories to aid in the creation of innovative land use planning policies for adapting to sea level rise. Members of that team will present their early foundational research.

Sounds good, and is even worth continuing education credit for Florida Bar members. We’ll be listening in. See you there?


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