Gambling against Mother Nature is a three-part television series produced in partnership by NOAA’s Coastal Storms Program, the Mississippi/Alabama Sea Grant Consortium, WKRG-TV, the City of Orange Beach, Alabama, and grassroots, inc. to encourage wiser development along the Gulf Coast.

Wind and Water: Beaches, Barrier Islands, and Storm Surge, the first of the three 30-minute programs, aired on WKRG-TV in late July and is available online. The remaining programs, Water Runs Down Hill: The ABCs of a Watershed and Hedging Our Bets: Flooding, Storms, and Insurance, are scheduled to air on August 19 and 26, respectively, and will also be posted online. DVDs will be available at a later date. For more information, see this Sea Grant page.

Watch Wind and Water: Beaches, Barrier Islands, and Storm Surge


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