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NOAA Releases New Storm Surge Brochure

NOAA’s National Hurricane Center Storm Surge Unit has put together a new brochure explaining the what storm surge is and how to best measure it. There’s nothing here on how to prevent losses, but the…

Animated Map of Extreme Weather Events

Just an animated map showing last year’s extreme weather events around the country. Amusing if you don’t think about it. Very worrisome if you do. Extreme Weather Map

New Reality: Innocous High Tide Floods Street [video]

Delaware Sea Grant has released a great short video showing how a little (offshore) storm plus a high tide can affect a seemingly safe street. Take a short break and watch. Expect a lot more…

Irene Heads Up the Atlantic Coast [Video]

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UctI_yPfVE Watching this in New York City, as of now 385 miles away. A little intimidated. A little excited.

NOAA Climate Program Office Funding Climate Adaptation Projects (LOI Due 26 July)

New NOAA funding opportunity (via Christa Rabenold): Climate and Societal Interactions Program The Climate and Societal Interactions (CSI) Program provides leadership, both nationally and internationally, in developing interdisciplinary science and services, including assessments, for application…

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