From an email:

Good morning, StormSmart Users.

Sorry to bug you. I’ll keep this brief because I’m guessing that you’re busy and I’m still working on my first cup of Sunday-morning coffee. If you’re in a rush, just scroll down the the bold part below.

This weekend, many of you received a spammy-email from a bogus StormSmart user. That user used a new spam technique I haven’t seen since I first built StormSmart: sending individual messages to people’s StormSmart accounts (note: the user didn’t get/doesn’t have your email address). Short of better information, I think we were just targeted because we’ve grown: we’re now right around 1,500 users.

I’ve locked down that bogus user account and, as a precautionary measure, temporarily disabled the user-to-user messaging system that it abused to send the messages. I’ll be taking a few other steps this week to do my best to keep this from happening again.

Two important messages from me:

  1. I’m sorry that this happened. Nobody needs more spam.
  2. I don’t see any evidence that anybody’s account was hacked. I don’t see any further security implications or cause for alarm.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns: email or my personal email

Again, I apologize for the hassle, but you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Aside from enjoying your Sunday morning.




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