StormSurgeIllustrationA new report looking at the risk of homes exposed to hurricane-driven storm surge damage in ten major urban areas along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts finds that the majority of homes in those communities that are in designated surge zones are not included in local flood zones.

In Virginia Beach, for example, 87 percent of surge-inundation zone properties are not in a flood zone, and 78 percent of surge-inundation zone properties in Long Island are considered surge zone only, with just 21.8 percent of at-risk properties falling within the boundaries of both surge and flood zones.

The ten cities researched are Charleston, Corpus Christi, Houston-Galveston, Jacksonville, Long Island, Miami-Dade, Mobile, New Orleans, Tampa, and Virginia Beach.

You can download the heavily-illustrated 32-page “CoreLogic Storm Surge Report” PDF here.


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