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Climate and Societal Interactions Program

The Climate and Societal Interactions (CSI) Program provides leadership, both nationally and internationally, in developing interdisciplinary science and services, including assessments, for application in climate-sensitive sectors and regions. U.S. and internationally focused activities are housed within the same framework to facilitate cross-program community building and learning about the challenges and solutions associated with understanding and meeting the climate-related needs of decision makers through focused research, assessment, and capacity building activities. The goals of the CSI program are: 1) identification and articulation of user-community requirements in multiple sectors, initially with regard to water resources and the coastal zone then branching to related sectors; 2) research and development of innovative and broadly applicable tools, methodologies and knowledge to support decision-making, especially for risk characterization, both through a broad network of regionally scoped, long-term efforts and stakeholder-specific efforts; and 3) promotion of the transfer of knowledge, tools, and products across climate service development efforts (within NOAA, across the federal government, nationally, and internationally).

In FY 2012, the following CSI competitions will be held:

  1. International Research and Applications Project (IRAP) is soliciting proposals for an integrated effort that will serve as NOAA’s primary international mechanism for interpreting and translating the agency’s (and that of other USG and international entities, where appropriate) evolving climate information products and services with the appropriate impacts and assessment research to develop applications, partnerships, and capacity-building activities that inform practical decision making and outcomes in select regions of the world. IRAP will support elements of work done previously by the International Research Institute for Climate and Society under a long-standing cooperative agreement with NOAA that is expiring.
  2. RISA is soliciting proposals to fund one RISA team either in the one existing region within the network whose cooperative agreement has ended and is being re-competed (Arizona and New Mexico), or in new regions
  3. SARP is soliciting proposals for two focus areas: climate-related impacts on water resource planning; and 2) projects supporting the Coping with Drought Initiative in support of the National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS).
  4. COCA will solicit proposals for two competitions focused on 1) influence of climate variability and change on the coastal built environment and coastal and marine ecosystems that face a complex suite of multiple stressors; and (2) a partnership with the National Estuarine Research Reserve System on coastal adaptation.

Funding availability: It is anticipated that $6.5 million will be available in FY12 for new projects. Projects should be primarily in the $50,000-$120,000/year range, with the exception of the competitions for the RISA team and the International Research and Applications Project.

Application Time Line

  • Letters of intent are due on July 26, 2011. These letters are not required – but are highly recommended.
  • Full applications for all competitions (except for the International Research and Applications Project) must be received by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time, October 3, 2011.

Download a copy of the CSI funding opportunities for the specific topics
requested for this year’s submission.


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