EPA WebinarJust got this press release announcing that EPA will continue a promising-looking webcast series designed to help local governments adapt to climate change. While the blurb doesn’t say the program is specifically targeting coastal communities, it seems likely that much if not all of what they discuss will apply to all of us abutting the ocean.

The next block of these (free) webcasts starts on November 18, 2010. Organizers promise that by the end of the series, participants will know specific actions they can take to build support for adaptation and increase community resilience. Here’s their overview of the programs:

November 18, 2010, 2:00-3:30 PM (EST): Climate Impacts and Risk

The first webcast in this series will provide an introduction to
adaptation by covering the impacts of climate change across different
regions of the United States; the risk presented by these impacts; how
climate adaptation differs from climate mitigation; and approaches to
engaging various stakeholder groups—regardless of attitudes to climate
change—and effectively communicating risk to build support for
adaptation efforts in the common interest. A representative from a local
government will discuss their experience working successfully with a
range of stakeholders to promote adaptation within the community. To
register for this webcast, visit: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/289508083. Please note that the
audio portion of this webcast will only be available by dialing into a
toll-free conference call.

December 2010: Adaptation Planning and Implementation
The second session of this webcast mini-series will focus on frameworks
that state and local governments can use to assess vulnerability to
climate change, develop adaption action plans, and implement adaption
strategies for building resilience.

January 2011: Federal Resources and Support for Climate Change

The third webcast in this series will discuss the role of the federal
government in promoting adaptation to climate change in the United

Sounds like something worth keeping an eye on: we’ve added it to the StormSmart Coasts Calendar.

For more information head over to the series website.

Thanks to John Bowie for sharing this.

Image: LuMaxArt Linkware (with EPA logo added)


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