We’ve started pulling together a calendar for the site that will list events we think would be useful for our readers across the network. It’s not much yet — little more than a list of events we’ve heard about recently — but we’ve got big plans.

Once we get it populated we’ll make it look and function much better, but for now, we need your help: Please send us your events so we can add them to the calendar. We’re looking for: conferences, training events, general gatherings, etc. So long as it helps coastal communities to address storms, flooding, erosion, sea level rise, or climate change, we’ll add it. Oh, and don’t worry if an event is only for your state or region: the final product will be searchable by region.

If your organization already has its own calendar, let us know and we’ll link to it. As always, we’re not trying to overrun what you’re all working on, only to make sure it gets used. Thanks!

StormSmart Coasts Network Calendar


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