• Wesley Shaw posted an update in the group Group logo of New EnglandNew England 7 years, 12 months ago

    Just wanted to say that I thought today’s presentations were great. I had some audio challenges, so I didn’t pipe in, but I’m very interested in seeing how things move forward on this front.

    Anne (@aherbst): I’ve seen a lot of interest by other communities in potentially replicating your program: is there anything you’d do differently if you had to restart? Any avoidable pitfalls? Any must-dos?

    • I would probably consider going to 3 feet for the incentive instead of 2. I was cautious about going so high that no one would participate. I think the key is doing outreach to contractors, engineers, etc. and making sure your town departments are ready to pitch the program. I use the StormSmart brochure on freeboard as well. Because it’s a voluntary program I think it’s really pretty easy to do. I hope other communities do try it. I’d be interested to compare experiences.

      • One last thought – I would really work to involve Building Departments in this. They are the most natural point of contact for builders.

      • Interesting point about aiming higher: I’ve run into this before. Seems like once people are OK with any freeboard, they’re ok with at least 3′ (which leads to great insurance reductions). It only makes sense as the incremental costs to going up another foot are minimal once you go up at all.

        • I have had mixed experience on this. There are people who don’t want to go higher than 2 feet of freeboard. Tends to be issues with # of steps and/or aesthetics.


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