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    I’m working on the agenda for the upcoming All Hands meeting that is going to be held at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi the first week in August, So, if anyone has any topics they would like to see on the agenda for the Resilience Team meeting let me know.

    • Our focus has been resilience to coastal hazards such as hurricanes, but given recent events seems like we might want to have a discussion about how we might help Gulf communities be resilient to the impacts from the spill?
      Now that the FL Post-Disaster Redevelopment Planning guidebook is finished it would be great to have a presentation about that effort — maybe Julie Dennis or Link Walther could do that?
      Rhonda, you probably already have this on the agenda, but would be good for the team to revisit what projects are funded for the coming year, as well as plans for applying for new monies.
      And last but not least perhaps the team can talk about how to do outreach on the handbooks since I believe at least one will be done in August?

      • I had that topic on the agenda. I heard that presentation in Fort Lauderdale a couple of weeks ago and put it on the agenda but couldn’t remember who the main contact was because the person was a fill in and now I remember it was Link so thanks for jogging my foggy memory.

    • I agree with Heidi that a discussion related to the team’s role in oil spill recovery would be beneficial. What about a roundtable discussion with a few invited speakers?

      • I think that would be great idea I have a draft agenda we can look at Monday and maybe discuss then.


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