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    Do we have the webinar presentations somewhere on this site? My specific question is actually about changing the maximum allowable height of a building to correspond with the added freeboard. I don’t remember if this was done in Maine or Hull, MA. I would be very interested in more information on how this was done (no variance required?). Any information would be very helpful for development of the new RI Building Code.

    • Hull’s freeboard variance under their zoning by-law applies only to existing buildings.

      Proposal to prevent flood damage by allowing property owners to apply for a Special Permit to elevate buildings for flood protection.

      In Article V. Section 50.2 “Footnotes to Tables in Section 50.” add the following as a new footnote (a.a.):

      ” (a.a.) The special permit granting authority may in its discretion issue a special permit allowing existing buildings within a Special Flood Hazard Area, as defined by the latest edition of 780 CMR, to be elevated beyond the prescribed height limit to provide flood proofing by meeting or exceeding the flood elevation requirements of said CMR. Buildings cannot exceed the elevation required to comply with 780 CMR by more than four (4) feet.”

      The footnote will be added to Table 50. in the category titled
      “Maximum Height of Buildings
      No. of Stories
      Height in Linear

      The footnote will be added to each zoning district (Single-family A, B, and C, Multi-family A, and B, Business, Commercial Recreation A, B, and C, and Public Open Space).


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