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    A potential technical assistance opportunity – note dealine for responses is Friday, September 13. Please direct questions to contact below! 🙂

    The International Economic Development Council (IEDC) and the National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) Research Foundation will be providing disaster recovery, resiliency, and capacity development support in non-presidentially declared counties in Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. This support will be provided in the form of customized technical assistance at no cost to the organization and is available specifically for communities and regions in the states above that were impacted by disasters between October 2010 and September 2011 (FY 2011).

    IEDC and NADO will be delivering customized technical assistance for up to six disaster-impacted communities and regions to address the on-the-ground realities faced post-disaster and help to create a roadmap for economic recovery. Each customized technical assistance project will provide strategies and action steps towards long-term recovery and resiliency. Counties eligible for technical assistance may have been impacted by other federally-declared disasters including fisheries or agriculture. Priority will be given to communities and regions that have suffered the greatest destruction, have the greatest ongoing needs and/or have experienced multiple disasters in their region.

    Technical assistance will consist of a site visit, peer-to-peer mentoring, and targeted recommendations on economic recovery and resilience from a panel of IEDC and NADO members with expertise on the topic of need. The organization will receive initial feedback and recommendations during the site visit followed by a report with more detailed recommendations, action steps, resources and case studies of communities and regions that have addressed similar needs. Depending on the needs of the community or region, customized technical assistance may address but not limited to the following economic development areas:
    • Developing an entrepreneurship ecosystem
    • Business retention and expansion strategies for impacted businesses
    • Marketing and branding tactics to represent the post-disaster community and region
    • Crisis communication planning
    • Retraining workers and skills analysis
    • Addressing blight and vacant lots
    • Addressing infrastructure security and resiliency
    • Attracting talented workers
    • Attracting capital for real estate redevelopment
    • Strengthening partnerships and collaborating regionally
    • Updating strategic plans post-disaster
    There are four process stages that make up the technical assistance process. The IEDC/NADO team “Team” will work with the organization through all four stages as described below.

    The first stage is conducting background research in order to familiarize the technical assistance team with the community and region, the area’s disaster-related issues, current economic recovery efforts, and needs for technical assistance. At this stage, the Team will work with the recipient organization to identify the scope of work for the technical assistance.

    During the second stage, the Team will prepare for the site visit. The Team will identify a panel of recognized economic development experts with appropriate experience to attend the site visit with IEDC and NADO staff representatives. Additionally, the Team will work with the recipient organization on logistics including securing a meeting location and scheduling the interviews.

    The site visit is the third stage. During the site visit, the team (including the panel of experts) will visit the community and/or region to meet with local stakeholders and relevant public/private officials, understand community challenges and opportunities, identify sources of support, and present preliminary findings. These visits typically last two to four days and involve interviewing business leaders, economic development professionals and city officials, typically in groups of one to five people. At the end of the visit, the Team will present its initial findings, which include observations and preliminary action step recommendations.

    The last stage is writing and presenting the final report. Approximately two to three months following the site visit, the Team will provide the recipient organization with a written report summarizing a roadmap for recovery including strategies and action steps. The final report will be supplemented with additional case-oriented research on best practices to illustrate the implementation of strategies and actions in comparable communities or regions.

    In order to select communities and regions to receive assistance, we are conducting a call for technical assistance. If you are interested in receiving customized technical assistance for your disaster-impacted community or region, please complete the form at goo.gl/CC2QS by Friday, September 13, 2013.

    If you have any questions about this call for technical assistance or the services and resources that IEDC and the NADO Research Foundation will be providing, please send an email to Dana Crater at dcrater@iedconline.org. Please feel free to forward the call for technical assistance link to other colleagues in your area.


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