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    We are considering setting up a new group on stormsmart connect–a group that examines the intersections of smart growth and hazard resilience. I thought I would just post this here to see what it does–is this an email that shoots across to all my Texas friends (I am using the Texas group)? Does it work like a listserv? SO if one of you would be kind enough to respond to this–I would be ever so greatful!
    John Jacob

    • Hi John. Sorry to take a few days to get back to you: I was out of town. Yep, everybody in this group should have gotten or will get a notice about your post depending on how they’ve set their notification settings for the group. Looks like most people are set to get a weekly summary of the postings here, so they should get an email once a week about everything that’s happened in this group (it goes out early Thursday morning). To change your email settings to receive it more often, look for where it says “Your email status is” on the group page (under the “Leave Group” button).

      So it’s like a highly customizable listserv, where people can control how often they get what’s shared here, and where people can discuss things between emailed messages on the groups page (like we’re doing now). Cool, eh? I mean, not as cool as your Coastal-CHARM, but we’re doing what we can (grin).

      • Thanks Wes!
        This is exactly what I wanted to see. I understand about the digest–I think I have everything set to a digest, but I got this message instantaneously as far as I can tell.

        But the problem is this–I get a message in my inbox to which I cannot reply. This appears to me to be a fatal flaw if not fixable. In addition, a listserv can be set up to where a respondent can choose to reply to all, or just to the sender. I dont know that that happens here. It would be very nice to have a web site and listserv all in one. I can set up a nice listserv through Texas A&M, but no web site that I can determine. So help me out so we can do the smart growth/hazards thing right here on Stormsmart–we’ll CHARM it up! 😉


        • I agree: that would be a neat feature (respond via email). Unfortunately it’s not available yet, but it’s been on my dream list for a while. I’ll bring it up with the programmer again. Also unfortunately, he tells me it’s complex coding.

          The plus side is currently all somebody has to do to reply is click on a link in the email they get that you (or somebody else) has posted to the group. I understand it’s not exactly what you’re asking for, but maybe it’ll work for now? Another plus to the current system is that it gives people the ability to fine-tune how much email they get while allowing the group admin to contact all members (overrides those settings) if he or she needs to.

          We’re looking at installing some more complex forum software that may offer you some additional features you’re looking for. Stay tuned (and I’ll let you know as we get closer to deploying it).


          Is there anything in the meantime I can do to help out with this?


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