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    Several of us have been working within ABA for some time on potential ideas for promoting Resilient Communities. I am working with others to develop two major concepts into publications, books and or White Papers for Attorneys, Planners, Loss Reduction Specialists, Climate Adaptation Specialists, Hazard Mitigation Specialists, and all interested in a world made safer from foreseeable natural events.

    I Opportunities Presented by Biggert-Waters/Koontz/Sandy/the Climate Change EO/etc.

    One potential publication would be a significant expansion of the taking advantage of opportunities presented by Biggert-Waters/Koontz/Sandy/Climate Change EO/etc. outline attached. Planner Katie Skakel has agreed to work with me on this project. We are seeking additional co-authors.

    Meanwhile, Law Student & Floodplain Manager, Lynsey Rae Johnson, is working with me on an article for ELI based on the webinar Lisa Sun and I did last July in Broomfield
    I summarized and put the Koontz thoughts into a flood mitigation context in a lecture at Stetson Law School, last October. I am not sure when the Environmental Law Institute or Stetson will post the video of the sessions. There is a short article on the Stetson Workshop at:
    A modification of the Johnson/Thomas Article could become a potential chapter in this possible book.

    Your thoughts on the content of such a potential publication, and or publications/webinars etc. would be most welcome.

    In any case, this publication will fit nicely into the effort on which several of us are working within the State and Local Government Section of ABA to develop an ABA wide effort to promote the idea of developing safe and resilient communities, and thus reduce the wildly escalating toll of disasters.
    This effort is described in the attached extract from the ABA State and Local government News for the winter of 2014 inviting participation in a Resilience Orientated Development Initiative.

    I hope that several of you will very seriously consider becoming members of the ABA & ABA S&LG Section and participating in our Resilience Orientated Development Initiative. I view this effort as potentially having a huge impact on changing the increasing toll of disasters in our Nation; and possibly even the World. If any of you desire information on how most economically to join ABA, or ABA State and Local Government Section I will be happy to get such information to you.

    II Updating and Significant Expansion/Reworking of the Former Patchwork Quilt White Paper

    Patchwork Quilt really needs a post- Sandy initiatives and post ESF-14 update; and a major rewrite to cover so much of the recent activity in climate adaptation and hazard mitigation. Including additional material on a “Whole Community” Approach to Resilience; a discussion of the NHMA approach to successful negotiations; the President’s Climate Change EO; as well as Infrastructure related Resilience as is being promoted by the Infrastructure Security Partnership (TISP) seems like a must. Additional materials on positioning government, businesses, non-profits and individuals to be prepared for disasters, including readiness to take every advantage of all the vast number of programs available to promote individual and community resilience, both pre and post disaster also should be included to, I think.

    The thoughts and comments of all are most welcome!

    Please let me know ASAP if you wish to work on this effort as a co-author or adviser.

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