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    New study by Wetlands Watch – Flood Protection Pay-Offs: A Local Government Guide to the Community Rating System

    Wetlands Watch has released a new study on how communities can take extra steps to deal with flooding/sea level rise, reduce their flood insurance costs, and look at options to increase open space and shoreline habitat during the process.

    Wetlands Watch looks to leverage shoreline change into increased protection for communities and increased habitat. With rising flood insurance premiums, communities are looking to take extra precautions and lower their premiums under the National Flood Insurance Program’s (NFIP) Community Rating System (CRS).

    Under the CRS, local governments are rewarded for taking advanced actions to make their communities more resilient and resistant to flooding. Actions are awarded points if they fit into approved categories in the CRS handbook and as those points increase, flood insurance premiums decrease in the community. Many of these actions also provide compliance with environmental regulatory requirements, providing localities multiple benefits from a single action and saving taxpayers’ money.

    The report details how localities can lower flood insurance rates by earning credit for many things they are already doing, such as protecting open space, elevating buildings, and creating hazard mitigation plans. At the same time, actions taken for flood proofing a community can be used to comply with regulatory programs like stormwater management. Further, many of these actions encourage sea level rise adaptation.

    As a reminder, the SECC CoP is hosting a webinar on THIS VERY TOPIC and Shannon Hulst Jarbeau of Wetlands Watch will be one of our speakers!

    Check out the report here: http://www.wetlandswatch.org/NewsPublications/DirectorsBlog/tabid/110/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/148/Flood-Protection-Environmental-Quality-Fiscal-Savings–How-to-Do-It-In-Your-Community.aspx

    And be sure to join us for the webinar on Monday, March 23rd at 2:00 p.m. EST

    No nead to register. Just log on to: https://breeze.sc.edu/secccop_crswebinar/

    Join the audio for the webinar at: 605-477-2100, passcode: 736549#


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