A good short article on Al.com on how building smarter can do more than just keep buildings safe, it can lower homeowner insurance premiums (to lower flood insurance rates, learn more about the Community Rating System).

We’ve long been fans of freeboard, and have touted how much money it can save homeowners.

What’s great about some of these new programs, like the one described in this article, is that they offer direct economic benefits in the form of reduced insurance rates for a whole range of home-protecting activities.

Insurers typically provide discounts for three levels of strengthening work, according to Smart Home Alabama and Disaster Smart Inspection Consulting. A bronze rating, which earns a 10 percent discount, can normally be accomplished by retrofitting the roof to meet the standard. A silver rating, which qualifies for a 15 percent discount, addresses the load path from the roof into the wall system and openings such as the doors and windows. A gold rating, which earns up to a 25 percent discount, is most typical in new homes, not retrofits.

Worth a look. If insurance companies in your community aren’t offering similar discounts, ask why.

Fortified homes can save homeowners money” via AL.com.


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