1841A051-0E68-403B-B330-20CCDFC18C39.jpgMashable has written a short article outlining some of the many ways that people can take advantage of the technology they already own (computers, smart-phones, etc) to help prepare themselves for natural disasters. Some of the ideas:

  • Using Google My Maps to create evacuation maps (see video below for an intro on how to do this)
  • Storing medical information (e.g. conditions and allergies) on your phone
  • Signing up for FEMAs emergency email system
  • Keeping track of people during emergencies with social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and others

While the article is generally about how individuals can use these technologies, many of them can be easily tweaked for municipal use (e.g. how would you find your employees during a disaster?), or the article itself might be useful as an outreach tool.

HOW TO: Prepare for Disasters Using Social Media” (Mashable.com)

How to Make and Share a Map


Photo: Steve Wilhelm


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