Impacts of Sea-level Rise, Habitat Conservation
& Spatial Data Platform Project
in Northern Gulf of Mexico

Project Statement
The purpose of this project is to provide a series of technical tools and results from analysis to support the practical understanding of impacts to the environment and to human coastal communities that may result from sea-level rise and related climate hazards, like storm surge, in the Gulf of Mexico region. This assessment provides regional management products and tools to support enhancing resiliency of Gulf coast communities through improved data, models, and synthesis products to inform the Gulf of Mexico Alliance members - i.e. decision makers, resource managers, and community leaders, about the projected impacts of sea level rise in the Gulf region. This project was conducted in five sites in three Gulf States: Galveston Bay area and southern Jefferson County in Texas, Grand Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve (NERR) in Mississippi, and Choctawhatchee and St. Andrews Bays in Florida.  
The Final Project Report to HCRT and the GIS data platform provide a series of descriptions, results and enhanced technological tools to assess the impacts of sea-level rise in these sites, and outline opportunities for mitigation and community resilience in each study site. 
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The Team

This project was conducted as a team effort lead by The Nature Conservancy of several organizations, stakeholders, consulting firms and volunteers. Jorge Brenner managed the project and Jonathan Sheets was the main coastal GIS analyst and developer of the spatial data platform from the Texas Chapter. Ben Gilmer with the Conservancy’s Global Marine Team conducted the project site conservation and community resilience analyses. Jonathan Clough and Amy Polaczyk with Warren Pinnacle Consulting developed the SLAMM sea-level rise scenarios. Hugh Roberts and John Atkinson with ARCADIS US Inc. developed the ADCIRC storm surge scenarios. The website was designed by Ananya Baruah.

Funding for this project was provided by the Gulf of Mexico Foundation, Inc. to support the Habitat Conservation and Restoration Team and the MS Department of Marine Resources to support the Coastal Community Resilience Team, a part of the Governor’s Gulf of Mexico Alliance. Funding to the Governor’s Gulf Alliance was provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
Grand Bay NERR, MS
Galveston Bay &
Jefferson County, TX
Choctawhatchee &
St. Andrews Bays, FL
GIS Data Platform

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