Coastal Construction Manual fema55 pdf  page 1 of 253FEMA has updated their bible on construction in coastal areas, the Coastal Construction Manual. Like the bible, it’s no pamphlet: this version comes in at 253 pages and a hefty 33MB. But if you’re involved in any sort of construction in coastal areas (including deciding where it should happen), you already know that you need it anyway. You can find a little more information about it on FEMA’s page on it here, or you can download the Coastal Construction Manual directly here.

Here’s what FEMA has to say about it:

The 2011 CCM, 4th Ed. (FEMA P-55), is a 2-volume publication that provides a comprehensive approach to planning, siting, designing, constructing, & maintaining homes in the coastal environment. Volume I provides information about hazard identification, siting decisions, regulatory requirements, economic implications, & risk management. The primary audience for Volume I is design professionals, officials, & those involved in the decision-making process. Volume II contains in-depth descriptions of design, construction, & maintenance practices that, when followed, will increase the durability of residential buildings in the harsh coastal environment and reduce economic losses associated with coastal natural disasters. The primary audience for Volume II is the design professional who is familiar with building codes & standards & has a basic understanding of engineering principles.

I haven’t had a chance to read through it yet, but a quick glance shows a number of updated illustrations and photos and some new content. I’m looking forward to reading more as soon as I have a few spare hours or days.


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